Premium Finance life insurance


  • Min. Net Worth $5M

  • Min. Annual Income $250K
  • Employee Retention & Retirement Strategy**
  • Min. Valuation $5M

  • Min. Liquidity 150%
  • Notice

    The New Business process can take between 3-5 months depending on underwriting and the response time of both you and your client.

    *Guideline, not required - If you are writing an individual case, the client should have a minimum net worth of at least $5M and an annual income of approximately $250K or greater.

    **Guideline, not required - If you are writing a case on an Employee Retention and Retirement Strategy, then the company should have a valuation of a least $5M and have approximately 150% in liquidity of whatever the 7-year peak collateral is. (Collateral used is cash or cash equivalent.)

    Qualified funds cannot be used as collateral. If the client or company have real estate assets they can go through their banker and get a Letter of Credit (LOC). The bank would then charge them anywhere from 1-2% annually for the LOC.

    • Materials Step 1

      Review Materials

      You must provide the client a copy of:


      Product Brochure


      Sample Case Design

      Supplemental Materials


      Hypothetical Loan Scenario


      Wells Fargo Balance Sheet


      Bank of America Balance Sheet


      Process Reference Sheet

      How much insurance can my client qualify for?

    • Case Design Step 2

      Requesting the Case Design

      Complete the "Request for Case Design" form below to get a personalized Case Design which is typically emailed to you within 7 business days after we receive the completed form. Along with that email, you will receive the Informal Application and the HIPAA form.


      Request for Case Design

      After you have completed the Request for Case Design form, you will need to submit this to HBC using one of the options below.
      By Email
      By Fax
      (317) 975-1330
      By Mail
      8440 Woodfield Crossing Blvd Suite 375
      Indianapolis, IN 46240
    • Application Step 3

      Informal Application Process

      If the client approves their Case Design, you will:
      • Return Signed Case Design

        The initial sample case design. You'll get this once you complete step 2.

      • Return Signed Informal App

        The initial app to start the process of shopping for the right Insurance Carrier. You will also fill out good times for the Paramed exam to take place as well. You'll get this once you complete step 2.

      • Return signed HIPAA form

        This is the authorization for disclosure of protected health information form. We'll need this to have permission to see your clients medical records. You'll get this once you complete step 2.

      • Return Last 5 Years of Medical History

        You will need to retrieve the last 5 years of medical records for your client from their primary physician. It typically takes 2-4 weeks to retrieve this information.

      After you have completed and retrieved all documents, you will need to submit these documents to HBC using one of the options below.
      By Email
      By Fax
      (317) 975-1330
      By Mail
      8440 Woodfield Crossing Blvd Suite 375
      Indianapolis, IN 46240
    • Entity / Formal Step 4

      Entity Set-up & Formal Application

      Once HBC receives the tentative health offer, we will email this to you. This will include the potentially updated case design and formal application. You can go over the new numbers from the case design with your client if they have changed.

      The tentative health offer typically takes 1-2 weeks to be received from the moment that we have the:
      • Signed Informal App
      • Signed HIPAA form
      • Medical Records ordered and received
      • The Paramed exam scheduled

      Formal applications will be partially pre-filled by HBC to ensure accurate information. You will see in the compensation section for the carrier that 1% is listed. This is NOT your total compensation amount. This is the amount paid from the carrier. You will also be compensated by HBC per your contract specification.

      If the client agrees to move forward after reviewing their updated case design (if it has changed), you will now need to move forward with getting an entity set-up to be the owner and beneficary of the policy.

      Single Purpose LLC

      A majority of clients choose an LLC. HBC can assist in creating the LLC for a $275 fee (in addition to state fees).

      Special Purpose Trust

      You can also create a special purpose trust. Consult an attorney to have this drafted.

      Payment Options for LLC:

      If you choose to have HBC assist, here are the payment methods available to you.
      You will be contacting us first before you send payment.


      You can also make a check payable to:

      Janis Howard
      P.O. Box 701011,
      Louisville, KY 40270

      Once the Entity is set-up
    • Financing Step 5

      Financing & Final Policy Documents

      The insurance carrier must now approve the application. This can take anywhere from 1 - 4 weeks depending on the application.

      If the insurance carrier approves the application, then financing must be secured. If financing is approved, which normally takes around 1 week, then loan documents will be sent to be signed and the policy is funded and delivered.


    Your compensation is typically processed within 3 business days of the policy being funded and delivered.